Do We Need Vitamins and Minerals?

Vitamins and minerals provide hundreds of necessary functions within our bodies (and minds). has a great article explaining how they work for us. It explains what the advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) really are. That includes an explanation of water-soluble and fat-soluble and how they are stored and eliminated.

This article, although short, is quite complete in its’ illustration of the function of vitamins and minerals and how they influence our health everyday. It also talks about supplements and the need for them, if our dietary regime is not satisfying (and most don’t) our bodies needs.

The opinions on supplements vary greatly, but I can show you a multi-million dollar study, commissioned recently and conducted in Europe that proves profoundly, that there is a brand that works. I would be glad to share this study and its’ results with you and tell you how you can gain access to this amazing, life-changing suite of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Contact me and you will feel better.


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