From The Mouths And Minds Of Children, We Can Learn To Imagine

Recently I read an essay by Jim Rohn titled: “4 Things You Can Learn From Your Child”, and it occurred to me how relevant it was to a successful career in an at-home business. In it he talks about the four characteristics that children possess that we “grow out of”, as we become adults. We can, however, strive to recapture these childlike behaviors and it behooves us to make the effort.

The first is curiosity. It is difficult to look back and remember it in us so, I suggest that you look at or recall your own children and what it was like. Children could never stop learning about “things” because there were always things they didn’t know about and wanted to. You, likely, remember their constant questions about the moon, the stars, where babies come from and even about God. And even though their questions made us uncomfortable at times, they never stopped asking them. Sometimes even to the point where they would take risks that we as adults would never do. “What if I pet this lion?” Frankly, you demonstrated some of that childlike curiosity when you first chose to do business from home. Did it pay off? Well, you are now operating your at-home business. Hopefully with success that will continue to offer you the opportunity for a happier, financially stable life for you and your family.

Relive some of that curiosity each day in your business and take some of those childlike risks and it will pay big dividends for you. If you are reluctant to approach someone with your business or your products, be curious and you may find you were mistaken. Or you may find that their spouse or a close friend is looking for an opportunity “just like” the one you are offering. Your curiosity led you into a revenue generating opportunity and that is exactly to what Rohn is referring and that I am attempting to relate. 

The second is excitement. Is there anything more gratifying to witness than the excitement of a child? It will melt your heart AND it can grow your business. Call on your inner child and get excited. Get excited about your life, your family, your decision and your business. Get excited (and celebrate) the victories of your business and your associates, each sale or presentation, your advances and each month’s expanding check. Children, yours and mine, have no problem getting excited about a wide range of different things and that is good for their mental and even their physical health. How could excitement possibly not be good for your at-home business? The answer is excitement is the secret to building a healthy business… any business. So get excited everyday.

Children awaken and are excited about it being morning, about “what’s for breakfast?” about the dog greeting them as they get out of bed… all of these little things lead to big excitement. If you learn to get excited about the little things, like children do, getting excited about the bigger things, like the success of your business, gets a lot easier. And that excitement duplicates and gets easier and easier and the easier it becomes, the better it is for your business.

Third is faith. Children are believers. Adults grow into skeptics and, at their worst, cynics. Have you ever had the experience of being around someone or people that see every situation as a “glass half empty”? Is there anything worse? Kids are believers and what they believe is that things are going to get better and better because they have faith in the positive. That childlike faith can be an indispensable asset in your business. “I believe the next approach I make will result in making a presentation.” “I believe that my next contact will have a vision and an energy for my business.” “ I believe that I can replace my last turn-down with 3 more opportunities that really understand the quality of the products and/or the opportunity of my business model.”

I have faith in that! Only when you adopt that kind of positive mindset will you move forward without looking over your shoulder for the next “bad” thing to happen. You must believe… have faith, in the manner of a child, to keep looking ahead without any doubts about the commitment you have made and the success that is inevitable.

And finally, there is trust. Children never second-guess themselves. There is an internal trust they have in everything they hear, say and do. Adults consider this limitless trust naiveté and label it as a weakness. What that leads to is an inability to trust… in anything.  In your business, that is vulnerability because your business should be grounded on trust from the beginning. You do what you are supposed to do week after week, month after month and success happens. And it does time after time… month after month.

Your supervisor promised that he or she would be a good and available advisor. You trust that they will and in most cases, if you fulfill your promises to them, they give you the leadership that is necessary to assure your success. They have made commitments to you and your business for everything from administration to marketing to timely payment of your commissions. You trust in all these things like a child trusts that breakfast will be available each morning before school. If you are unable to trust in those things, you may have made a poor choice from the beginning.

So, observe the trust that lives in your children or, if you’re young enough, remember it in yourself and understand that it is a valuable tool in developing your business. There is no risk in trusting the people and the things that have never let you down. Children understand that, that is why they are so good at being kids. They have trust. They have faith. They have excitement. And they have curiosity.

Take these thoughts, inspired by Jim Rohn, to heart and you will enable yourself to focus on an incredible future with your at-home business and an exponentially happier life in all of its dimensions, not just business. These four childlike attributes will improve your personal, family and professional relationships in ways you can’t imagine. Imagine that. Come to think of it, imagination is another childlike virtue from which we can grow.


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