Should I Open My Own Business?

More and more, these days, people are considering and starting their own business. Here is an interesting article from Entrepreneur magazine that examines 50 reasons why you might want to consider it for yourself. Remember you don’t have to qualify on all 50. Many or most is enough for you to contemplate the move.

Owning your own business allows you to control your own life. Of course, there are added responsibilities, but they are responsibilities that you now control, as opposed to working for someone else. You can choose a business that you enjoy. When you are in your own business, you will eventually be in control of how much you make.

If you find yourself “qualifying” in this article, I can show you a business model that is virtually risk free and satisfies most of this articles assumptions. I would look forward to sharing this with you. It has made me happy, successful and proud. 

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